Kabbalah Education Center Study Program

The Course Catalog

The Course Catalog provides a short description of the courses offered by the Kabbalah Education Center, including the prerequisites, the dates and times the course is offered, and the textbooks used in the course.

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Course Overviews

The Course Overviews provide a syllabus of the key topics that will be covered in each course.

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The Tuition page provides an explanation of the Pay What You Want tuition policy that is used by the  Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center. 

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 Student Services

The Kabbalah Education Center offers much more than just the live lessons. You can find out about some of the other services such as the Q&A Forum, the Kabbalah Library, and Kabbalah Conventions here.

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The first step to access all of the offerings of the Kabbalah Education Center is registration. Once you register, you will be able to enroll in courses, access the Self Study program, and participate in the Q&A forum when your class begins.

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