Chris Blake – Leeds, UK

Chris Blake – Leeds, UK

I had a difficult upbringing. I had a very good father and a very bad mother. This meant that I saw and felt things that 99.9% of other people dismissed out of hand. My father tried to help people all his life but was haunted by one overriding question: Why there is suffering in the world? Later on in my life this question resurfaced and I translated it into: What is the meaning of my life? After much research I found Kabbalah and today it the only method that answers my father’s original question.

Cindy Hatok – Pittsburgh, PA

Cindy Hatok – Pittsburgh, PA

I was brought to Kabbalah through a class, it was a subtle introduction but it interested me because I was going through a lot of turmoil in my life. My only child had died, my boss at work was hassling me, I was becoming more depressed and wound up hospitalized for my depression. I knew that I had to change something, despite all the problems I had experienced I was here for some reason, but what was that reason? This was a question I had asked myself my whole life. I'd studied other religions, but never found a satisfying answer. I was lost. Then I began taking the courses on the Education Center. None of it was the scary stuff I had heard about, no weird number stuff, no red strings or anything like that. There was a real structure and explanation for why I am here. I've found a home, a place where others have felt the same feelings as I do, who accept me and have the same goal as I do. It's been the best thing for me. Everyone around me has noticed the changes in me.

Daniel Romero – Bucaramanga, Columbia

Daniel Romero – Bucaramanga, Columbia

I have being dealing with extreme emotional issues all of my life. Low self esteem, depression, anxiety. I have had all kinds of psychiatric labels from OCD, borderline disorder, BDD, major depression, you name it. One year ago, I was helpless, nothing would help me alleviate my suffering and I asked God to show me the truth. Somehow about a month later God placed the Kabbalah Revealed series by Tony Kosinec on YouTube in my laptop. I was grasped in mind and heart about what Tony was speaking about. I thought to myself: "This is true spirituality!" In the upcoming weeks, I was searching again on the web for Tony’s videos and I found the link to the Education Center. I knew I had to take the courses so I subscribed for them willingly. It’s been 9 months since then and although I have had some ups and downs, it’s all part of the process. What is there is to reach?! The most exalted goal of all which is to reach revelation of God while we are in this lifetime. My life values have changed and to this day I have felt more peaceful and my life has found its meaning.

Daniela Mitrovic - Pompano Beach, FL

Daniela Mitrovic - Pompano Beach, FL

I was coming out of a bout of major depression that had landed me in the hospital. I kept shouting out to the world "Why am I here?!" My therapist told me that altruism was the key to happiness, so I began looking at the local Craigslist board for volunteer opportunities. I saw an ad that said, "Ever wonder why you're here?" I gasped and clicked on the link. I was taken to a video from Bnei Baruch about the point in the heart, and how Kabbalah is not religion, science, etc. "That was nice..." I said as I closed the window. The next month, I began asking the question, "Why do I feel so disconnected?" I was again searching Craigslist for volunteer opportunities when I saw a link that said, "Ever wonder why you feel so disconnected?" I felt my soul jump out of my body, then right back in. I shakily clicked the link and was taken to a nice video about this little gear who was on the outside of a circle and couldn't get it together. Finally, the gear got it together, got in the circle, and stopped feeling disconnected. I signed up for Bnei Baruch's Kabbalah classes, and never looked back. Thanks to Bnei Baruch, I found meaning in my life. That's how much joy these people have brought into my life. Thanks to what I've learned, I was able to overcome depression, find meaning in my life, and was ultimately led to a joyous path.

Eric Falbo

Eric Falbo - London, UK

In internet forums, blogs and websites all over the internet I see people wondering what is unique in Kabbalah in relation to religion, occultism, eastern therapeutical practises and any and every term remotely associated with 'spirituality'. This question was what drove me to discover the work of Bnei Baruch. For 11 years I had been searching for the answer to that question. I became a member of masonic orders, hermetic schools; I studied with ascetic Christian gnostics as well as regular priests; dedicated years of study of the ancient greek language in order to understand Homer, Plato, the Stoics and the New Testament first hand; I delved into Academic Post-Aristotelian philosophy in meticulous depth; I studied astro and particle physics, biology, linguistics and logic; I even practised Orthodox Judaism - All in search for the answer to the way into spirituality. The answer turned out to be much more simple and surprisingly more beautiful than I ever imagined. Therefore my testimony is that any testimony runs the risk of never doing justice to the actual experience of unity that the study of Kabbalah provides. Kabbalah is the Cadillac of all human capacities! :)

Rachel Branson - Springfield

Kabbalah has answered my deepest questions, and much more: It has revealed the laws of love and of nature, which are one and the same, to me. It has provided me with a most wonderful tool to educate my children, and to relate to my loved ones, as well as to better my relationships at work. Through the lessons at the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center, I was able to connect with friends who had the same spiritual yearnings for answers as I had. In this connection I have found a lot of strength to move forward on the spiritual path. Today, I volunteer as an English-Spanish translator for the Education Center. It is a great way to become a part of the spreading of love and light to others who are discovering this wisdom. I hope everybody finds the root of their soul, for there lies the root of love.

Chris Jones

Chris Jones - Abilene, Texas

I was using StumbleUpon, a website that shuffles you around to random websites, within parameters based on specific key interests. Bnei Baruch's video prompted me to register for the class, and that was only 10 weeks ago. It's been great; more than I could have expected, obviously because it was more than I could imagine. All the blanks and gaps of life begin to be filled, given that there is no sense in turning away. I hope to attend the retreat in January, and I'm anxious in anticipation for perception of connection.

Heather Columbia

Heather Columbia - Santa Cruz, California

I found the Education Center through MySpace about one and a half years ago. Before taking the Fundamentals course, I was initially put off by the term "Kabbalah." Since the course was free, I finally decided to give the course a shot and the course has truly been a miracle for me. I have been drawn to spirituality my entire life and thought I had it figured out but was still searching for something deeper. I had questions but had given up expecting answers. The lessons through the Education Center have not only shown that there is a clear and traveled path but offer outstanding support on the journey.

Robert Friend

Robert Friend - Owensboro, Kentucky

I came across the Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center. The Education Center had a course starting immediately so, I signed up for it and have been studying with a group form that time forward. Today we finished the 10 week course of "Kabbalah Fundamentals." I'm eager to start the next course and learn more from the Kabbalist teachings. I greatly appreciate the Bnei Baruch Education Center and their friends for all of their efforts in sharing the Kabbalist teachings with everyone. Thank you for putting up with me and my quirky nature. See you at the next lesson. Robert.

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Mari Kido

Mari Kido - Albuquerque, New Mexico

My quest for the meaning of my life and the purpose of humanity has been a life long quest since I was a teenager. Now, in my fifties, I have found Kabbalah. I just happened to be searching the Internet and I found the Bnei Baruch Education Center by chance. Ever since then, my life has taken a complete turn and I have acquired a totally new perspective in life. The Bnei Baruch Education Center is an amazing organization dedicated to providing all seekers with precise, clear and very well organized information through a curriculum designed to guide someone step by step to a whole new vision of the world and ourselves. I am most grateful for all I have been given by this great group of friends dedicated to disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah with so much love and care.

Donald Rupert

Donald Rupert - Austin, Texas

It has been wonderful to be a part of the live sessions, to see and interact with the instructors and others studying from all around the world. There is no pressure. What you don't understand from the live session, you can download it from the archives and review it over and over if you need to do that. No pressure at all! This is an awesome way to learn and get the basic information that is needed to study further. Thanks so much!

Albert Kaykov

Albert Kaykov - Flushing, New York

Before finding Kabbalah, I felt like I had everything and yet was still missing something. I considered religion and went through many books related to "spirituality." I kept getting more and more confused without a clear answer. The Bnei Baruch Education Center changed my life forever. I was amazed at how one teaching, Kabbalah, could answer all questions I had about what's happening in the world and why. My entire journey started with the Bnei Baruch Education Center and I'm eternally grateful for such a positive and life changing experience.

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Atilano Gonzalez

Atilano Gonzalez – Tampa, FL

Before finding the Education Center of Bnei Baruch I was searching quite vigorously for answers concerning Life and Eternity. Most of my questions were not being answered by fellowship at churches or preachers. Most of my spiritual knowledge was flipped upside-down and the notion of my understanding of spirituality was tested every day at the Education Center. Finding the courses online, where I conducted most of my research, was not by coincidence, but a meeting point for all ends of every search. I couldn't ignore it any further and I gave it a try. Now that I have concluded the online course I feel free of obscurity and released from the cloud of religions. In as little words as possible I would have to say, the truth has set me free!

Karin van den Berg

Karin van den Berg - Deventer, Netherlands

My entire life, I have been searching for "something." I had no idea of what that "something" was but there was this urge in my heart to find "it." I wanted to change the world, heal it and spread love around! I just didn't understand why people didn't get along and why they were out to destroy each other and our beautiful planet!

My search "accidentally" brought me to the Bnei Baruch Education Center through Google, when I didn't even look for something like Kabbalah, and it got my immediate attention! I was stuck in life and the instructors told us (in the very first lesson) that our perception of reality would change completely in the next 3 months. That was exactly what I needed, so I woke up in the middle of the night twice a week to watch the fundamentals. After 3 years I am still here and my perception of reality changed so much! I don't even have words to describe of what happened inside of me. The only thing that I can think of is: Nothing is the same and my life never made so much sense as it does right now!

Debbie Wood

Debbie Wood - St. Antonio, Texas

My whole life I looked for any kind of teachings that reflected a harmonious, peaceful existence. I read a lot of books and always wanted to achieve this understanding of life that all these people seemed to talk about. When I was in my twenties the intensity of searching for some peaceful existence in my life became quite a goal. But no matter what I did, I couldn't find peace, love or caring, and so I always kept searching. I finally found the Education Center Kabbalah classes and couldn't believe it, I joined immediately. I was captivated, I couldn't get enough information and my thirst was great. I finally found the place where all the missing pieces came together. Nothing has been as powerful and all-inclusive as this teaching, linking each person and every teaching to its roots.

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Anna Savos

Anna Savos - Seattle, Washington State

I tried everything. I went to all possible churches, I tried yoga and meditation and none of these had any impact on me. My father was the first to introduce Kabbalah to me, it was simple, yet it said things I had never read anywhere else, and it spoke to me on a deeper level than anything else I had read before that. It introduced me to something I never felt before. I found the Bnei Baruch Education Center website and saw that the course was free and was going to start soon, so I signed up. The first lesson made that click, where I felt "This is it!" And even before that, when I entered the virtual lesson environment and saw other people in the chat box leaving greetings, this made the biggest impression on me. It felt totally different, like "Wow, there are other people here who feel the way I do!" That's what did it.

Jocelyn Steeves

Jocelyn Steeves - Sharbot Lake, Canada

I always knew that I was limited in my perceptions but still felt an all encompassing reality existed. My husband was attracted to the Bnei Baruch site because, unlike the others, it offered a free course of studies with free books. They were not out to sell, they were there to teach. I realized that Kabbalah was the method for attaining a completely different reality to ours and the Education Center has taught me the methodology to attain this reality. Since starting at Bnei Baruch, and since the concepts have sunk in, I feel like I'm on a path that's developing, like I'm always moving forward to a greater awareness of how this world works. It's truly wonderful, and turns your everyday life into a moment by moment rollercoaster ride. Kabbalah gave my life new purpose.

Jike Paramo

Jike Paramo, Mexico City MX

I had been looking for a long while and then I found the online course. It was strange at the beginning because it was unusual not to be able to see the people and to interact with them, but then I realized that the connection is deeper than just sitting next to each other.  It's just an overwhelming experience and it's the most important thing I've ever done.  Now when I look back I wouldn't really talk to the guy I was before I started studying.  Instructors make it so easy that is just feels that it all makes sense.  It was a life changing experience.

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Louise Pierce

Louise Pierce, Arlington, VA

My life has been a big search for that something I've never known. So I started with many disciplines but after a friend sent me the Education Center materials, I've never looked back. I had no problems studying online. It's indescribable because I've never had this camaraderie before with other people. It's different... the Education Center is entirely different and meeting other people is entirely different.

Mikael Folkesson

Mikael Folkesson, Sweden

I searched, questioned and looked for answers everywhere. I came to Kabbalah and it really changed everything, because it has the answers! It's now after the course, and I'm a new man. I discovered that there is an extraordinary purpose in life, and I found my purpose. Although I now feel a great responsibility upon myself, I feel secure and harmonious. I found profound answers to all my questions that I can put to the test and develop.

Sally Stroud - Klamath Falls, Oregon

I searched high and low for meaning but no matter what I found I felt that it didn't go deep enough toward the source. Once I came across Bnei Baruch it was an entire new revelation for me. It made so much sense, and was the end of my search for meaning. The Education Center made it clear how Kabbalah is neither mysticism, occultism, religion nor any of the other things people associate it with. It was but something completely outside of anything I've read in all the other books that just has to be tested to be believed. At the online course I took the material was presented so clearly and made so much sense that I could see the truth of what was taught right there before me.

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Karen Modlin - Kohav Yair, Israel

I began to seriously question the meaning of life as a teenager. My search led me to existential literature, and studying Psychology in the hope of finding answers to my questions, but even after years of study and being in Psychotherapy, I was no closer to feeling at home with myself in the world. An inner emptiness led me to try a variety of "spiritual" methods I was attracted to these but was unable to really commit to them. I found Bnei Baruch through a friend and felt a real connection to the study materials. I have been connected daily ever since and this has been the fulfillment that I have been searching for.

Ramon Quinn, Hampton VA

Those most important questions reappeared and I went searching. I found the Education Center on the Internet. It just reinvigorated my sense of hope and my sense of purpose. I log on and start seeing everybody's messages, the greetings, the music and then everything starts happening. It is unlike anything I've ever imagined before. It grabbed me by my heart and I couldn't let go. I have not become a totally different person but I am focused on understanding myself. It's an intense and compelling experience that I want to be a part of instead of just eating, sleeping and working or meeting my friends for drinks.

Peta de Havilland, London UK

I thought "I found something that made sense." I understood it very quickly and it just seemed to fit really well. I'm coming to understand myself as a person a lot better than I did three years ago. When you are studying online it's all live, so you can interact and communicate with your tutors and other people who are studying at the same time. It feels like you're surrounded by thousands and thousands of people studying the same things at the same time, however since the goal of the study is so uniting, these thousands of people feel like one person. I've never felt such closeness to people before. This wisdom holds wonders for people and for the world, and I only hope others will be able to benefit from it like I have.

Janice R, Chicago

I always tried to find an answer to the question of "what is it all for?" and never could. When I came across Kabbalah years ago, I didn't understand what it was talking about but I wanted to know more. I took the free online course at the Bnei Baruch Education Center, and after the first lesson I knew this was "it". I loved the articles we studied and the topics that we covered were fascinating.

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