The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah is a priceless gift that has been handed down for centuries from teacher to student. Within it are the answers needed to bring humanity to a state of harmony and fulfillment. As such, these teachings belong to the world, and its wisdom can be neither bought nor sold. Bnei Baruch is committed to bringing Kabbalah to the world in a manner that is within reach of anyone who has a desire to study it. 

What is the tuition?

In order to make tuition affordable to everyone, regardless of geography or economic status, the Education Center is using a Pay What You Want tuition fee. This enables you to take into consideration both the value you believe you are receiving from the course and the amount that you can afford to pay.  

Tuition FAQ 


What is the tuition fee?

We have instituted the Pay What You Want (PWYW) system for our Education Center. You will have the opportunity before, during or after your course work to pay the tuition fee that you can afford. 

Why are you using Pay What You Want for tuition?

We recognize that the amount someone pays for tuition consists of two aspects: 1) the value they feel they receive from the course, and 2) how much they can afford to pay. Economic conditions vary widely from country to country, not to mention someone’s personal circumstances. PWYW enables us to serve people from all parts of the world and all socioeconomic levels while at the same time being able to bear the expenses associated with broadcasting these lessons. 

How much should I pay?

Pay what the value is but also pay what you can afford. This allows everyone to participate at the level they feel comfortable.

Our estimated cost per student is $25 per month. While some who enroll can afford this cost, others may not be in the same situation. Whether you pay $15, $50 or more per month, we are grateful for your investment in the Education Center. The tuition fees allow us to continue providing you the services you desire as well as adding upgrades when possible. 


You can pay any time you wish using the Pay Tuition link below. You can make a single payment or multiple payments throughout the course, whichever best suits your circumstances. We will also send periodic email reminders during the course that include information about the tuition program and the link to make a payment.

How do I pay?

We provide different alternatives for tuition fee payment. 

Credit Card or PayPal: Use the PayPal link below. You do not need a PayPal account in order to pay by credit card - PayPal is just the processor of the credit card payment. We will also send email reminders a few times during the course that include the payment link. 



Check or Money Order: The address to send the check is: 
   Bnei Baruch America 
   PO Box 22451
   St Louis, MO 63126 
Write “EC Tuition” in the memo section of your check to be sure that the amount is applied correctly to your enrollment. 
Bnei Baruch strongly believes that the wisdom of Kabbalah should be available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. We encourage everyone to make at least a minimal contribution, no matter how small. 
If you are unable to make any payment at all, please send an email to and let us know that you would like to contribure but are unable to do so at this time. No one who has a true desire to study Kabbalah will be left behind. We hope you enjoy the course!